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Silver Apprentice
Benjamin Lisimaque

great lightsaber, came with free lightsaber connecter, since they didn't get my order right away, so that was nice, also great colour choice, and great sound fonts. 5 star rating, apart that it was late arriving.

Luke Skywalker
Bill Patrick
Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber episode 6

High quality lightsaber as in the picture, sounds incredible and there is a lot of those, but some options are hard to understand. Like triggering the music for example. Must buy, awesome design.

Black Hammer
Magnus Lindvall

Black Hammer

Darth Vader EP4 & EP5
Aaron Gates
Amazing gift!

My stepdad really loves it! The instructions could be a bit more clear as we couldn't find the charge port for a while, *unscrew the handle TWICE* and I feel jipped on paying for the stand because its super cheap plastic. I was also pretty concerned because it said these were UK made, but ships from China, so I'm cautious about the quality of material.

Black Phantom
Juan Ochoa

Black Phantom

Anakin Skywalker EP.3
Hans-Jörg Zbinden

Mein Sohn ist begeistert

Anakin Skywalker EP.3
Sean Wasmer
Graflex Lightsaber

My only real complaint would be the app is very poor. It's connection issues make using the lightsaber frustrating. The color could be much brighter. I've used base-lit sabers that shine much brighter, but it isn't the biggest issue in the world. I love it, and might reccomend it if the app receives much needed optimization.

Gold Apprentice
James Bonnyman
Good but slippery

Its tough and it makes swooshy and wooshy sounds.

However swinging it makes you feel like its gonna fly out of your hand. Also the controls are hard to use

Kylo Ren
Jake Collins
Wrong lightsaber

I was given the wrong lightsaber from what I ordered and haven’t from the company but the quality of the lightsaber i got is very well made but I received the wrong lightsaber.

Darth Vader EP4 & EP5
Michelle Edgar

There is not a lot of information on how it works or how to put it together....only found one YouTube however it is def a 5 👊🏼

The Wrath
anthony frattallone

Works well

Black Phantom
Bryson Sharpe

Black Phantom

Lightsaber Blades
Tony Kinion

Some of the set screws are sharp. They bite into the handle marring the surface. This is the only issue i have. Other than that, it is sweet!

Amazing construction

A bit difficult to navigate the controls with only 1 button but happy with the movie like quality. Plus the provided carry case makes me want to buy two more.

Black Phantom
Reid Mcdonald

I love it best item I’ve bought

Obi Wan's EP.3
Laszlo kozicska

I love the weapon .

Qui Gon Jinn EP.1
Ray Ward
Epic Gift

I originally bought the Darth Vader xenopixel for myself. It looks great but is hard to manage the transitions between the fonts. The Qui Gon Jinn, I bought for my best friend as a Christmas gift. He was so surprised, amazed, and stunned. Personally, I like his better than mine. I may have to purchase another model!

Jedi Costume Full Set

I receive my order on time

Blue Hammer
👍 so far…

So far so good…it came well within the shipment window given on the site and works as expected. It’s awesome!!! 😁

Expectations exceed!

Extremely pleased, Superb quality. Great light & sound effects.

The Blue Arrio
Mark Miller
Lightsaberfsx and the Blue Arrio

A solid working lightsaber has operated very well. Highly recommend this type of
product from this company. I have had this almost two months with no problems. Battery can be replaced after it's useful life. Great bang for the buck. Arrived in a very reasonable amount of time in perfect condition.

So Cool!

So this was my very first high-quality saber ever and I was very impressed with the quality of the hilt and the case it came with. Granted, there is a learning curve for those who have never owned one and I felt the instructions were a bit lacking. However, I spent some time cruising videos on YouTube to get a better idea of what I was dealing with and after a couple of quick messages to the company, I was good to go. I'm very excited to get my best friend one for Christmas! --Ray

Luke's EP4 Graflex
peter robi
Totally amazing !!!

A very high quality replica piece worthy
of any Jedi 👍🏼

Awesome saber!

Great quality item, good communication

Darth Vader EP4 & EP5
Mario Korcak
Very amazing job

Overall i'm very very satified and probably will order one for myself too (this was gift). The package came very quick (wow). The extra case was amazing. The pin code on case was 000 - 000 xD. In case was everything and nothing was missing. The only thing i need to mention is that you never reply to my message. I was asking about the case and stand, because i wanna that nicier black stand not stardard transparent. But that is no bit issue... overall 9.9/10 :) Many thanks :) amazing job