Darth Vader EP4 & EP5

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The Team at LightSaber FX have all been long time Star Wars Obsessed Fans, which is why we set out to Create Unique, Duel-Ready, Powerful Light Sabers. We felt there was a Huge Opportunity for Someone to Really do it right - to not only assemble High-Quality Sabers that are Built to Last but also to make it Affordable and Quickly Available for fans of all ages, Anywhere in the World. And with our 1 Year Blade and Hilt Warranty, fast Order Processing Times and Lowest Cost-Per-Feature Offering, that’s exactly what we did when we Created LightSaber FX!.

  • 1x Aerospace Grade Aluminium Hilt

    1x Shatterproof Polycarbonate Blade

    1x Rechargeable Lightsaber Battery

    1 x USB charging Pack

    1x Blade Plug

    + All tools included such as the Allen key and screws used to tighten the blade. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Aaron Gates
Amazing gift!

My stepdad really loves it! The instructions could be a bit more clear as we couldn't find the charge port for a while, *unscrew the handle TWICE* and I feel jipped on paying for the stand because its super cheap plastic. I was also pretty concerned because it said these were UK made, but ships from China, so I'm cautious about the quality of material.

Michelle Edgar

There is not a lot of information on how it works or how to put it together....only found one YouTube however it is def a 5 👊🏼

Ray Ward
So Cool!

So this was my very first high-quality saber ever and I was very impressed with the quality of the hilt and the case it came with. Granted, there is a learning curve for those who have never owned one and I felt the instructions were a bit lacking. However, I spent some time cruising videos on YouTube to get a better idea of what I was dealing with and after a couple of quick messages to the company, I was good to go. I'm very excited to get my best friend one for Christmas! --Ray

Mario Korcak
Very amazing job

Overall i'm very very satified and probably will order one for myself too (this was gift). The package came very quick (wow). The extra case was amazing. The pin code on case was 000 - 000 xD. In case was everything and nothing was missing. The only thing i need to mention is that you never reply to my message. I was asking about the case and stand, because i wanna that nicier black stand not stardard transparent. But that is no bit issue... overall 9.9/10 :) Many thanks :) amazing job

Stephen Neu
Simply Amazed!!!!

Being someone that turns 41 next week and has seen alot in his life!!! Things you wanna forget. Very little surprises me and my Darth Vader has blown me away!!